Plasti Contenedores

Our priority is to offer you seriousness and commitment to meeting the expectations that each and every one of our clients expect from our products and services.

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Our company works on the best plastics to manufacture them and thus be able to provide only the best to our customers.

Plastic Area.
  • Injection Machine BL2200EK II of 2200 ton, shot of 15kg. Year 2019.
  • 650 ton BL650EK II Injection Machine, 2.4kg shot. Year 2019.
  • 230 ton BL230EK II Injection Machine, 0.37kg shot. Year 2018.
  • Injection Machine BL170EK II of 170 ton, shot of 0.23kg. Year 2019.
  • Pelletizer, Diam. spindle 120mm, MODEL: JWL-120, 250-300 kg / hr.


Our company works on the best designs for the manufacture of molds, as well as the end result to provide a good service to our customers and have an improvement in our work every day.

Mold Area.
  • Haas VM3 Machining Center, Year 2006.
  • Hitachi Seiki CNC lathe.
  • EDM Machine, Chmer Model CM 434Z, Year 2019.
  • Grinders and Auxiliary Tool.

Same designs in which security, excellent appearance, resistance and pleasantness are offered for the efficient use of them.

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